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Sears / Kenmore Ranges
Sears is a department store. They do not build their own appliances. They contract the other manufactures to build all of their appliances. This chart will help you determine who actually built your appliance, then you can choose the manufacturer from the charts on this page.

The first 3 digits of the model # determines who built it.

Roper  Whirlpool Caloric Kelvinator Gibson D&M
253 587
GE  Speed Queen Maycor Litton Toshiba Fedders
651 925 747 562 484
Amana WCI Tappan Jenn Air    
596 790 791 629    

The clock on my STOVE started flashing F1

  • You have either a bad ERC (clock) or a bad touch pad.
    1. Disconnect power to stove
    2. Gain access to the back of the clock (electronic range control or ERC).
    3. Unplug the touch pad ribbon connector from the ERC. This will be a flat wire apx. 1 1/2" to 2" wide.
    4. Make sure everything is clear and will not short out when power is turned back on.
    5. Turn power back on to stove.
    6. Watch for the F1 and listen for the beep.
    7. If you get the F1 and beep, replace the ERC.
    8. If after apx. 30 minutes you do NOT get the F1 and hear the beep, replace the touch pad.
      NOTE: Some models incorporate the touch pad and the clock as one part.

Oven Sensor Checking

You'll need a Ohm Meter to check a Oven Sensor
 @ 60 to 80 Degrees (room temp) it should Ohm out at 1000 to 1100 ohms  You can find the oven sensor inside of the oven cavity towards the top right or left corners
To check a fuse use a ohm meter to check it for continuity if so equipped you can find most thermal fuses behind the clock or ERC  assembly.

Popular Oven Sensor 

ovensensor.jpg (25924 bytes)

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This guide may be incomplete as manufactures use different parts on different models. This is a general guide to range fault codes. We assume no responsibility for any action taken on your part as a result of using this guide. Consult your owners manual, as it may give the fault codes for your particular model.

Oven Fault Codes

GENERAL ELECTRIC             HOTPOINT             RCA
Display Condition Repair
F0 and F1 Failed Thermistor Control Replace ERC
F2 Oven Temp Exceeds 590
w/unlocked door
High resistance or
interference in sensor
Likely a bad sensor
F3 Open sensor circuit Bad sensor or
open sensor fuse
F4 Shorted wire (sensor) Locate and Correct
F7  A= Function pad button stuck
B= Bad clock
Unstick Button
Replace Clock
F8 Component failure Replace ERC
F9 Program w/door circuit Check Wiring

FRIGIDAIRE             TAPPAN             GIBSON            WESTINGHOUSE
Display Condition Repair
F0 & F1 EOC failure Replace EOC  (Electronic Oven Control / Clock)
F2 Oven too hot Likely a bad sensor (should read 1100 ohms)
Possible bad EOC  (Electronic Oven Control / Clock)
F3 Oven Sensor Open Replace sensor
F4 Oven Sensor Shorted Replace sensor
F5 or F6 or F7 EOC failure Replace EOC  (Electronic Oven Control / Clock)

WHIRLPOOL             ROPER            KITCHENAID
NOTE: Not valid for Y line. If there is a Y near the end of your model number, do not use this chart.
Display Condition Repair
4 Digit Display
FO - E0 Analog to Digital
Disconnect for 30
seconds- if display
re-appears- replace
F1 - E1 Safety flip flop Replace ERC  (Electronic Range Control / Clock)
F2 - E0 shorted keypad replace
F3 - E0 sensor or sensor fuse opened replace sensor or fuse
F3 - E1 sensor shorted replace sensor
F3 - E2 oven too hot replace sensor
F3 - E3 clean temp. too hot replace sensor
F5 - E0
F5 - E1 and E2
check door/latch
2 Digit Display
F0 or F1 or F5 Failed transistor Replace ERC  (Electronic Range Control / Clock)
F2 Oven temp too high 1. Test operation of door lock on self-clean models.
2. Test relay contact operation
3. High resistance in sensor (should be apx. 1100 ohms)
F3 Open sensor or thermal fuse Replace sensor or thermal fuse
F4 Shorted sensor Replace sensor
F6 Problem in time keeping circuit 1. Reset time and/or cooking operation
2. Check for proper ground
F7 Stuck function switch or button on ERC Replace ERC   (Electronic Range Control / Clock)
F8 Failure of ERC Replace ERC  (Electronic Range Control / Clock)
F9 Door lock circuit Check wiring and test operation of door lock switch

MAYCOR          MAYTAG             MAGIC CHEF            JENNAIR            ADMIRAL

Display Condition Repair
F1 Defective Touch Pad or Membrane Replace Touch Pad or Membrane. (I've seen this on several ranges if you are getting an F1 code I would recommend replacing the touchpad.)
F1 watch dog on board bad touchpad or clock
see FAQ for procedure
F2 oven too hot bad relay board (if present)
or bad sensor
F3 or F4 open or shorted sensor replace sensor
F5 hardware and watchdog
circuits disagree
replace clock
F6 missing AC signal Check for proper voltage
F7 function key shorted or stuck button replace touch pad or clock or unstick button
F8 A/D supervisory replace clock
F9 door latch supervisory check door lock circuit
or replace clock
F0 function key stuck replace touch pad or clock

AMANA             CALORIC
Display -glass link ERC Condition Repair
door flashing #0,1,2,3 latch switch broken replace
lock flashing latch switch broken replace
F 0 loss of safety signal replace adapter board
F 1 watchdog circuit replace ERC
F 2 oven too hot check sensor-1100 ohms
F3 F4 open or shorted sensor replace sensor
F7 shorted touch panel replace glass panel
F9 motorized door check latch
FF lock error check switch and motor
ERC III / Relay board with separate board / push buttons
F0 shorted push pad replace
F1 failed ERC replace
F2 oven too hot check sensor 1100 ohms
F3 F4 shorted or open sensor replace
F5,F6,F8 failed ERC replace
F7 shorted or sticking button check glass alignment
F9 door latch failure replace



If an error code appears in the cook mode window
Your oven is equipped with an extremely reliable and accurate electronic control. On the rare occasion that something occurs that causes a malfunction, am error message will appear in the oven selector window.

Some errors (E1, E9, E11, E12, and E13) must be cleared by turning off the oven at the circuit breaker and then turning it back on. When an error remains displayed steadily in the off position, after attempting to clear the error, a service call is required. Have the error code available when you call for service. This will help service determine the problem.

Error Code Notes Repair
E1 C E Control board problem
E2 K G Cook or clean mode runaway
E3 A H Open oven sensor (over 5000 ohms)
E4 A H Shorted sensor (under 500 ohms)
E5 K D Control board too cold or too hot, or defective board.
E6 C J Control board problem
E7 A I Illegal temp. display turn off and retry
E8 A D Control board problem
E9 A E Latch switch problems
E10 B D Control board problem
E11 A F CT oven; latch switch problem
E12 A E CT oven; latch switch problem
E13 A C CT ovens; latch froze or no power to latch motor
CMT ovens; control board not converted
E14 A E Latch switch problem
E15 B D Control board problem
A Turns heat off on failed oven only, micro not affected
B Turns all heat off, micro not affected
C Disables clean mode in both ovens, allows cook and microwave
D Error will remain in display until repaired and powered up. No error tones
E Turning to off stops error and flashing can tweak away code
F Tweaking clears to "---" for retry
G Clears when oven temp drops below runaway temp and selector is off
H Can be cancelled by tweaking if a good sensor is detected
I Cleared with a mode change
J Can be tweaked away for retry. User must unlatch and delete the "---" to try to relatch the door
K Turns all heat and micro off
L If two switches show locked door, then "E13" and "Lock" are permanent in display (all modes). If two switches show an open door you can tweak away the "E13"


SOURCE: of some codes AHASC Of New Jersey

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