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Sears Kenmore / Whirlpool / Roper / Kitchen Aid - (Direct Drive)   Date: Wednesday 07 February, 2007
Sears Kenmore / Whirlpool / Roper / Kitchen Aid - (Direct Drive) - Romove Cabinet

How do I remove the cabinet from my direct drive
Whirlpool / Kenmore / Roper / Kitchen Aid washer ?

Back of 
Direct Drive 
ddwashrearview.jpg (87040 bytes)
Back of 
Belt Drive Washer

beltdrvwashbackview.jpg (96386 bytes)

If you have ever tried to check out the direct drive washer manufactured by Whirlpool Corp., you found out pretty quickly that you can't hardly do anything until the cabinet is removed. The older Whirlpool Corp. washers with a belt do not have a removable cabinet.

While it may sound like a pain to have to remove the cabinet, in reality it is really simple, and it makes getting to the parts a breeze.

All you need is a phillips screwdriver and a flat blade screwdriver.

First step, of course is to unplug the machine. Then remove the 2 phillips screws on the bottom of the timer console.


wp_wash_top.jpg (51302 bytes)

sears_washer_end_cap.jpg (61083 bytes)
Some Sears Models have end caps 
that you have to remove to access the screws

wp_dd_wash_head.jpg (69901 bytes)

consolewp.gif (6931 bytes)

wpwashtop7.jpg (137178 bytes)

3harness.gif (18781 bytes)

3harness.gif (18781 bytes)

MVC-608X.JPG (109292 bytes)


wpddwash17.jpg (42351 bytes)

wpddwash18.jpg (42973 bytes)

wpddwash19.jpg (46373 bytes)

The timer console in hinged in the back. Pull the console forward slightly to clear the hooks on the bottom of the end caps, and roll the console up from the bottom on it's hinges.

Under the console you will see a 3 wire harness that is plugged into the top of the cabinet. Unplug this harness.

Using the flat blade screwdriver, pop off the 2 metal clips that are holding the back panel to the top of the cabinet. These clips are sort of "S" shaped, and are located near the left and right edges of the top of the cabinet.
Grasp the cabinet on each side, pull the top of the cabinet towards you to a 45 degree angle. Pull straight back on the cabinet and it will slip right off.

To replace the cabinet

Put the cabinet up to the front edge of the base, open the lid so you can see the inside bottom of the cabinet.

Tilt the cabinet to a 45 degree angle and slip the bottom front lip of the cabinet under the front of the base (make sure the console is hinged up).

Now let the cabinet go down. There are 2 dowels on each side of the base that must match up with slots on the side bottom lips of the cabinet.

After the cabinet is in place, look at the back and make sure it is lining up properly on one side. Reinstall the "S" bracket on that side.

Now move to the other side. Line it up properly and reinstall the "S" bracket on that side.

Plug in the harness.

Lower the console, and reinstall the screws.

Back of cabinet locks into base 

wpddwash20.jpg (84486 bytes)
Side of cabinet NOT locked in 
wpddwash21.jpg (68345 bytes)
Side of cabinet properly locked in.


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