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GE / Hotpoint (Old Style) Dryer Drum Removal   Date: Tuesday 06 February, 2007
GE / Hotpoint (Old Style) Dryer Drum Removal

Ge / Hotpoint ? Dryer?Drum Removal

The drum is by far the largest dryer component and takes up the majority of space inside the dryer. To access some dryer components, the drum must be removed.

The drum is connected to the motor shaft by a belt that is held taut over a torsion bar or a spring-loaded idler pulley system. The drum is also connected to the rear of the dryer cabinet by a drum shaft and a retaining ring.

Dryer noise may result from foreign objects (usually pocket contents)

in the drum or drum seal. Steps 2-4 of this procedure pertain to drum noise

CAUTION: The belt is under high tension on the torsion bar or spring-loaded idler. Be careful when you swing back the bar or the idler arm to release the belt that it does not snap back and pin your hand.

drum4.gif (15656 bytes)drum5.gif (19194 bytes)
Step 1: Be sure all dryer controls are turned OFF. Disconnect power supply at distribution panel and unplug dryer from receptacle. Watch for sharp edges on access panels and parts.Step 2: Drum noise. Should dryer make excessive noise, revolve inside of drum to check for foreign objects such as hair pins or contents from clothes pockets.Step 3: If you hear noise when revolving drum, but nothing is in drum, look for foreign object in front drum seal. To access seal, remove dryer front. If you are unfamiliar with this process, refer to Procedure #5: Removing Access and Control Panels.
drum6.gif (22190 bytes)drum7.gif (16624 bytes)drum8.gif (19801 bytes)
Step 4: Turn front panel of dryer around to inspect felt front seal. Visually inspect felt for sharp or pointed objects before moving your hands around it. Remove any foreign objects.Step 5: Drum removal. Remove large, lower rear access panel by unscrewing all 5/16" mounting screws around cabinet with nutdriver.Step 6: For more recent dryers, release belt by pulling torsion bar down, as shown. Belt should pop off
drum9.gif (18547 bytes)drum10.gif (19194 bytes)drum11.gif (20822 bytes)
Step 7: For earlier model standard capacity dryers, swing idler arm away from pulleys as shown, and belt should pop off easily.Step 8: For earlier model large capacity dryers, pull back idler arm away from pulleys as shown, and belt should pop off.Step 9: To release drum, first remove center rear access panel by removing the two 5/16" mounting screws with nutdriver. Then use small screwdriver to pry retaining ring loose.
drum13.gif (15526 bytes)drum14.gif (17990 bytes)drum15.gif (17563 bytes)
Step 10: Reove the screws along the lip at the front of the dryer and Raise and support dryer top.Step 1 1: When you have raised top, move loose belt back behind the drum out of your wayStep 12: Loosen the two 5/16 screws at the bottom of the front panel...Do Not Remove Them All Of The Way....Remove the two 5/16 screws on the inside right and left corners of the cabinet. Remove dryer front.
drum16.gif (16850 bytes)drum17.gif (21744 bytes)drum18.gif (18211 bytes)
Step 13: Before you can lift out the dryer drum on some large capacity dryers (B and earlier), you must remove the two drum slides. Use a nutdriver to remove the mounting screws.Step 14: Lift up drum to remove slide, being careful not to knock slide into dryer.Step 15: Carefully lift drum out through dryer front. Avoid hitting the sides of dryer with drum.
drum19.gif (21665 bytes)drum20.gif (21536 bytes)drum21.gif (19735 bytes)
Step 16: With drum removed, you can access the drum bearing, heater coils, motor, idler, blower, and some thermostatsStep 17: On some models, the heater coils are on the floor of the dryer, and the idler system has a torsion bar instead of a spring-loaded idler.Step 18: When reassembling dryer, reinstall drum and position belt around drum and rethread belt over top of idler pulley and underneath motor pulley with torsion bar pulled away from pulleys
Step 19: Reassemble in reverse order and test.
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